Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Apparently, school's internet is damn slow, and at home, THERE WAS NO INTERNET! Damn. So well, today in school, FORTUNATELY, the internet connection was OKAY.



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*ENVIES* Wahh, 4 more years until I can take my motorcycle licence. BOO! Hiro Nakamura, teleport me to the future please please please? (:

>>>>>>>> REWIND (yesterday)

Recently, I have been eating a lot. And serious a lot. Yesterday, I ate >>>>
  1. A few pieces of Van Houten Chocolates
  2. One BIG packet of Rice and 2 side dishes
  3. One curry puff
  4. McChicken burger, with coke and fries
  5. One packet of Milk Hello Panda (shared with bf)
  6. One packet of Pretz Biscuit (shared with bf)
  7. One bar of CRUNCHIE chocolate

Total spending on food = $10 per day!


I seriously don't know why I ate alot these days, and I can't seem to be full. I want to grow tall but grew like 1 cm for the past year. ):

>>>>>>>>> PRESENT

Enterprise today, it was dragggyyyyy. First team to present, BEST team of all. Oh well. ANYWAY, I got an A grade last week. (God knows what is in his mind). But yeah, I think my enterprise faci is not biased. I hate to say this, but .... I think that he have graded us fairly, as in although he and his wife have found out about the W35F's blogs, and saw all the criticisms, yet he still grade us fairly. (Somehow, he did lah)

And he treated my team to MAGNUM minis, because we got the crossword puzzles correct. Cool-ness.

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And that's all.

*I'm so not in the mood today. Thanks for making it worse. And yeah, I'm falling sick. DAMN! ):

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Back to blog. Today was Cognitive, and was sick for two days already. ): Had quite a bad flu and mild fever, insomnia, fatigue, lethargic. Every night is a sleepless nights. SIGH. God, I need to rest!

Anyway, worked with my team to solve problem statement today, we even took a picture to show a sense of belonging in the team. (alright, that was crap. nothing to say lah) Team 1 (:

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I had Nasi lemak for early breakfast and lunch, and was broke. For the first time in my life, I got limited money to eat. Abit sad ar. Okay, it's not, I know. Shut up.

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Okay, done with the patriotic team spirit thingy and me being broke, and blah blah. And guess what Kah Hwee did in class. Some stunts. and PLEASE, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME.

Kah Hwee three steps to ULTIMATE CHEERLEADING! (:

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And you're done. Lame, I know. THAAANNNKSSSS ARRRRRRRR..... =X

Here's the video part, learning through video is better you know. But before that, tilt your head to the right. Yes, to the right. NOW!

Okay, done for the post. Bye.