Friday, May 25, 2012

the greater your capacity to love, the greater your capacity to feel the pain. 

Love can be the most beautiful thing that can happen to one’s life and at the same time be the worst experience.

To feel loved and appreciated are more than enough to put a smile on one’s face. Knowing that someone in this universe, apart from your family, notices you, and probably at most thinking of you, gives that butterfly feeling in the stomach that makes you feel good about yourself. That alone potentiates an individual to go beyond ordinary ways or do things that you would not imagine yourself doing. Walking a mile to get to his house or waking up early to share a 5 minute breakfast just so you could see him.

Love allows you to feel that you are floating through air up in the clouds when you are merely falling. No guarantees whether what you are feeling is real but for that moment in time, it is the only thing that matters to you. But you see, not all good things last. As fast as the speed of light, everything else that used to make you feel great could turn into the things that cause tears to fall nonstop. The attempt to forget, search for explanations, the journey in getting over someone would be the toughest path you’d walk in life. You may be bleeding half your blood out and yet you are nowhere half of the journey.

Pain, similarly to love, makes you do things unimaginable. You would wake up one day finding yourself crying your eyes out. You fall asleep with tears wetting your pillow. It would make you want to stop at the middle of the road so you could transpose the pain to something physical. Sometimes you’d even wish to no longer see the next rising sun. Love and pain, exactly opposite yet goes hand-in-hand to make you realize that what you had was real.

I seek for comfort amidst all storms that have come my way. I’ve lost sight of the light that used to guide the path I walk into. I’m merely hanging onto my dear life to come out of this alive.

Through this, I pour out my what I think, feel, believe as a form of survival. If not, I might just simply go insane.