Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm a super hardcore PROCRASTINATOR! Yes, that's oh so true. But anyway, last Monday went out shopping with my ever so wonderful ...

Makcik Hazirah! XD

Alright, we went to Bugis Street and did some shopping! I bought two tops and some accesories to go with them. And all I spent was less than a 100 bucks. Everything there was so cheap!

We ate our lunch at the Bugis coffeeshop, erm, I forgot the name. It's just across the road when you exit at the Swensen's exit. But anyway, I had Wantan mee, and Lor mee for her.

It was uber super duper freakingly delicious! We bought Siew Mai too. It was scrumptiously nice. It's like been eons since I last ate Siew Mai, so that day it tasted so heavenly!

And so, after eating we head down to ...

Yes, it was still bright. At Far East, I bought another top and some other stuffs to compliment them with the tops I bought. Walked around at Heeren, and bought Starbucks on the way home.

It was raining so damn heavily that day, and thanks to her, we shared an umbrella. Thank you so much babe for accompanying and tolerating my nonsense, HAHA. But anyway, Happy advance birthday! May you be blessed with good friends like me, a loving family and everything!

We'll meet up again soon. I'm so gonna bully you again. BAHAHAHAHA~ misses XD

Monday, March 24, 2008

Going shopping with Makcik Hazirah later. Blog about it tonight! XD