Thursday, July 28, 2011

forever 21 

I smell freedom, and I got it.

On a side note, look what I received in my mail yesterday !


Friday, July 22, 2011

paradox of work ? 

Work generally takes up a third or prolly three quarters of the time available for living. Work is a strange experience: it provides some of the most intense and satisfying moments, it gives a sense of pride and identity, yet it is something most of us are glad to avoid.

Do you know that 20 percent of the male adult population in imperial rome did NOT have to work . By having attained a life of idleness, they believed that they had reached excellence in their lives. However, by even thinking about so, it just makes women more vulnerable in the past; being treated as slaves and servants, or even sex objects. That said, some women are still being treated this way, despite the existence of feminist acts movements and whatnots.

The lack of realism about future career options is in part due to the rapidly changing nature of adult jobs, but it is also caused by many young people's isolation from meaningful job opportunities and adult working models.


I would love to raise a topic regarding social media right now, but I will do it in another post, another time.

Till then.