Wednesday, December 12, 2012


“Relationships are not just about criticisms, not about being in love, not just about accepting someone for whom, what and how they are. It is just about everything; acceptance of flaws, holding on to promises and looking an imperfect person perfectly.”

Let's see.
Just a short quick update after a super long hiatus.

Well, right now, I have a bad bad case of writer's block. Like serious serious case of blockage happening. I just can't....write stuff down. (Perhaps tooooo many good stuffs in my mind, hehe). Hell, I even tried, "smoking" my way through, but I see no smoke. Just plain white space. Oh wells, let me try to get my mojo backkk.

On another note, I'm having a jolly good time in the year 2012, despite the world's gonna end soon. Spending time outside with loved ones; creating memories, overcoming the obstacles in life, and coming back stronger than ever. 

2012 felt like it came just yesterday.
I came to realise that, the one that I used to hate, the one that I always criticise and wished that she was not a part of my life, was the one who was always there for me. And now I have learned to forgive and forget, removing all the negativities and the all the pre-conceived judgements I used to have on her. It wasn’t really that difficult actually; when you open your heart and learn to accept and forgive, you eventually reach to a realisation that you’ve become a better person in life.
Life can be difficult, no doubt. People are always looking for an influence, someone to look up to, someone to emulate. You can set the example, be the motivation that can really impact another. You can help change the world by changing yourself first. Change must come from within.

Having said that, why the decision to post an entry now? Not yesterday, tomorrow or next week?
Two reasons: #1, As cliché as it is, today is the 12th December 2012. Usually, a normal, typical human being will want to do something significant on such unique dates, which of course is very normal to do so and I have nothing against it, yes?  Yeah, yeah I do claim myself to be atypical, unorthodox, yada yada, but I’m only human and humans just do what humans do, righttttttttttt?
 And #2, For those who knew, I received two pocket diaries for Christmas last year from my BFFs (which in the end, I only used one, oops). Frankly speaking, I’m never the one that keeps track on my schedule kind of person. Trust me, I have the messiest room at home albeit I’m the only daughter in the family. So the notion of, “A girl’s room should always be neat and pretty” is invalid, pronto.

Anyhoo, before I start digressing even further, the other reason that I decided to post today because Christmas is coming! Totally unrelated but yeah, Christmas is the season to be happy and merry!  I, personally love this time of the year; the weather; the social gatherings; the gifts exchange; the festive mood; the happy songs, all of ‘em. It just brings smiles to everyone cos it’s such a happy occasion. Now now, I’m neither a Christian nor a Catholic and neither do I believe in Christianity and/or Roman Catholic views. Before I go in deeper into this issue, let’s just look into the view that Christmas is an occasion that brings happiness and people together, alright?

Christmas will definitely be a blast this year! My calendar is filled to the brim with lotsa gatherings, events, weddings and whatnots! Tell me how not to get excited for all this!

With that, I shall just abruptly end with some photos taken for the past few months. Toodles ~ 

June '12 - South Korea, North Korea, Busan-Haeundae Beach, Inje County

June '12 - Vivo - Sentosa - Mount Faber :) 

July 2012 - Bestest 22nd Birthday Surprise with my SNSE-Y Girls + Zul @ Sentosa ! 

August '12 - :) 

August '12 - First Hari Raya as a Family :') 

September '12 - BKK trip with my Seoulmates! :D 

October '12 - BFF "longtimenosee" gathering! 

October '12 - Heat Stroke & Dehydration. 3D2N in SGH :/

October '12 - Dinner & Desserts :) 

November '12 - Cooking up a storm in Sports Kitchen! :D

November '12 - First Family dinner + Ibu's birthday celebration! :)

December '12 - Vanessa Tan Guan Hui's Wedding Ceremony! 

December '12 - Batam short getaway with SNSE-Y girls! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

the greater your capacity to love, the greater your capacity to feel the pain. 

Love can be the most beautiful thing that can happen to one’s life and at the same time be the worst experience.

To feel loved and appreciated are more than enough to put a smile on one’s face. Knowing that someone in this universe, apart from your family, notices you, and probably at most thinking of you, gives that butterfly feeling in the stomach that makes you feel good about yourself. That alone potentiates an individual to go beyond ordinary ways or do things that you would not imagine yourself doing. Walking a mile to get to his house or waking up early to share a 5 minute breakfast just so you could see him.

Love allows you to feel that you are floating through air up in the clouds when you are merely falling. No guarantees whether what you are feeling is real but for that moment in time, it is the only thing that matters to you. But you see, not all good things last. As fast as the speed of light, everything else that used to make you feel great could turn into the things that cause tears to fall nonstop. The attempt to forget, search for explanations, the journey in getting over someone would be the toughest path you’d walk in life. You may be bleeding half your blood out and yet you are nowhere half of the journey.

Pain, similarly to love, makes you do things unimaginable. You would wake up one day finding yourself crying your eyes out. You fall asleep with tears wetting your pillow. It would make you want to stop at the middle of the road so you could transpose the pain to something physical. Sometimes you’d even wish to no longer see the next rising sun. Love and pain, exactly opposite yet goes hand-in-hand to make you realize that what you had was real.

I seek for comfort amidst all storms that have come my way. I’ve lost sight of the light that used to guide the path I walk into. I’m merely hanging onto my dear life to come out of this alive.

Through this, I pour out my what I think, feel, believe as a form of survival. If not, I might just simply go insane.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ol' skool yo 

Call me old fashioned, or whatever, I am still gonna use blogger :P

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

gentlemen and ladies. 

This happen too many times that I just need somewhere to rant this.

With all due respect to all humankind in the whole wide world, universe, mars, planets, outer space, under water, and whatnots,


Okay, don't get me wrong on not liking men, and that I like women. No, for pete's sake, I have nothing against the gender or sex for that matter. I'm perfectly, 100 percent straight, not a bi-, not gay definitely.

Anyway, as I was saying about gentlemen. I mean we are living in the 21st century, does chivalry still exist? Do these men or women know what is the meaning of chivalry in the first place?

After all these years, I guess it is safe to say that not many people know what it truly means and how it came about.

Let me take you through.

Ever wondered why is it "ladies & gentlemen" and not "gentlemen & ladies"?

why is it "ladies first" & not "gentlemen first"?

why is it "men have to pay for the date, cos it's considered being a gentlemen" and not "women have to pay for the date, cos it's considered being a lady"?

why "men have to open the door for women",

why "men have to carry the women's handbag (or any bag)",

why "men have to treat and pamper women",

why "men should drive",

why "men are stronger* than women",

why men here, men there... (and the list goes on and on and on...)

...and not the other way round?!

Enough said, I'm quite sick and tired of the world revolving around men doing things for women.

Come on girls, you are as strong as them! Humans are made equal (besides the biological make up of course) and there's no need for the segregation of gender and sex.




Most of the Presidents in the world are men. More men are involved in the military, more men are involved in sports, more men are involved in ALMOST EVERYTHING.


But anyway, I'm not an extremist in promoting feminism as I believe that women or in fact every living being in this planet have their own beliefs and rights, yes?

You wanna play football?
You wanna play the PS's Need for Speed, Assassin's Creed, Street Fighter?
You wanna play Dota, CounterStrike, Diablo, Maple?

(I played them before, they're quite fun!) - no link but it's okay.

This post is not only to guys but also to girls out there who may have some trouble adapting to your hormones and whatnots. Nah, KIDDING!

This post is not dedicated to anyone. It's just a post, yeah blog post. Heh.

For what's it is worth, I think I'm done here. And chivalry is/will be dead for good.

No offence to anyone. Any resemblance to anything or anyone is purely coincidental.

Till then!

*stronger not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, etc

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

welcoming the three hundred & sixty six days! 

Let's see. I didn't really prepare any last day of the year post, but since it's the beginning of the new year, oops correction, the beginning of a new LEAP year (dammit!), I shall rewind & reminisce the last 365 days and post eleven most memorable/worthy of remembering things that happened in 2011.

Ready? Here we go!

#1 - Went Countdown @ Esplanade area for the first time! (Does this count? Haha)
I don't really like to blend in with the crowds, especially during this time but it was a last minute meet-up with  a friend and his mom to watch the fireworks at the City Area. It was humid (cos it rained), the floor was wet and the area was flooded with people. But it was something to remember cos it was the first time I went to such extend to celebrate the New Year! :)

#2 - Got my first ever Sum 41 Music CD from Amazon! 
Screaming Bloody Murder is the title by the way. I remembered I kiasu-ly pre-ordered this item way before it was released. The disc was shipped to my place a week after it got released. I was a happy kid; and the happiness and excitement lasted close to a week ever since I got hold of it. It was just, indescribable :)

#3 - Took A380 for the second time to Hong Kong with BFFs! 
Yeap! I used to be so fascinated about boarding & flying to other countries in an airplane. But after taking the A380 for the second time (the first was a 8hour flight to Japan), it feels quite normal. Went to Disneyland for the second time too. But I still prefer Tokyo Disneyland though. :)

#4 - Got super tanned after the wave of regattas in SAF Yacht Club! 
Ever since I left secondary school, I thought my "dark" days were over. But I was wrong! End 2010 and early 2011 was my tannest of all due to the regattas that I supported during my term in the Yacht Club. Even my relatives & friends saw the difference!

#5 - Left my previous job, and embark on a new journey in RP! 
Discover. Transform. Achieve. Yes, that's the new tagline for the upcoming RP 10th Anniversary Celebrations. Somehow, I think that will shape how I will grow during my time here. Work has been pretty hectic so far, but gotta love term breaks/school vacation where I can have my own vacation at work too! :)

#6 - Bought 2 Mango Dresses from ASOS, 3 Heels from New Look & a bag from Timbuk2! 
3 words; Bestest buys ever! Till date these items are the most utilised during special occasions or during a night-out with friends! Spend quite a lot on them but it's worth it. You should totally see the face when these items arrive at my doorstep. Priceless to the max! HAHA! :)

#7  - Turned 21 years young on the 27th July 2011! 
Finally, it was the year, the moment that I have been waiting for. Being a non-minor, fully pledged adult and being responsible for everything never felt so good before. Hurray! I am free from all the clutches from everyone and it's time for me to fly and lead myself to a place and environment that I desire since a long time ago. Hurray again! :)

#8 - Participate in my first ever Adventure Race - Avontuur ROAR @ Outward Bound Singapore! 
Yes! It was a last minute sign-up. Signed up for the 25-35KM non-competitive run, bike, swim, kayak & lots of adventure at Ubin. After 7-8 hours of non-stop sweating, we managed to cross the finishing line & received the finisher medal. Aww, miss the fun & laughter while racing! Overall, it was really satisfying!

#9 - Found out that my favourite band is performing in Singapore in 2012! 
YESSSAAAA! 12th April 2012 shall be the day that I'm gonna head to Fort Canning and watch Sum 41 live, YES LIVE! They are like finally coming to Singapore! Tickets gonna be expensive thought, but who cares right. It's like once in a lifetime opportunity. Moreover, money can be earned back right? :)

#10 - Bought 1, but received 4 different water bottles from different people! 
Yes, 2011 gotta be my "water bottle year" as I received water bottles twice as presents; 1 on my 21st Birthday by Mia & Eve, and 2 from the TDA/TSO gift exchange from Siti. Where's the other 2, you may ask? I got 1 as a consolation prize during the D&D in my previous workplace and the other one, I bought it at Royal Sporting House! Guess I got no reason not to drink enough water then! Heh.

#11 - Bought a freaking iPhone 4S, 32GB some more! 
No doubt that it cost a bomb, but I believe it's worth it. Apple products have never fail me. My iPod Nano 9th Gen is doing perfectly alright, considering that it have been through tough times with me. Haha!

So that's it! There you go, the list has spoken. These are definitely the best of 2011, and it'll always be placed close to my heart.

Happy 2012 everyone! Stop thinking it as if it's a leap year, think it as if you have an extra day to make a difference!

Toodles! :)