Tuesday, February 28, 2012

gentlemen and ladies. 

This happen too many times that I just need somewhere to rant this.

With all due respect to all humankind in the whole wide world, universe, mars, planets, outer space, under water, and whatnots,


Okay, don't get me wrong on not liking men, and that I like women. No, for pete's sake, I have nothing against the gender or sex for that matter. I'm perfectly, 100 percent straight, not a bi-, not gay definitely.

Anyway, as I was saying about gentlemen. I mean we are living in the 21st century, does chivalry still exist? Do these men or women know what is the meaning of chivalry in the first place?

After all these years, I guess it is safe to say that not many people know what it truly means and how it came about.

Let me take you through.

Ever wondered why is it "ladies & gentlemen" and not "gentlemen & ladies"?

why is it "ladies first" & not "gentlemen first"?

why is it "men have to pay for the date, cos it's considered being a gentlemen" and not "women have to pay for the date, cos it's considered being a lady"?

why "men have to open the door for women",

why "men have to carry the women's handbag (or any bag)",

why "men have to treat and pamper women",

why "men should drive",

why "men are stronger* than women",

why men here, men there... (and the list goes on and on and on...)

...and not the other way round?!

Enough said, I'm quite sick and tired of the world revolving around men doing things for women.

Come on girls, you are as strong as them! Humans are made equal (besides the biological make up of course) and there's no need for the segregation of gender and sex.




Most of the Presidents in the world are men. More men are involved in the military, more men are involved in sports, more men are involved in ALMOST EVERYTHING.


But anyway, I'm not an extremist in promoting feminism as I believe that women or in fact every living being in this planet have their own beliefs and rights, yes?

You wanna play football?
You wanna play the PS's Need for Speed, Assassin's Creed, Street Fighter?
You wanna play Dota, CounterStrike, Diablo, Maple?

(I played them before, they're quite fun!) - no link but it's okay.

This post is not only to guys but also to girls out there who may have some trouble adapting to your hormones and whatnots. Nah, KIDDING!

This post is not dedicated to anyone. It's just a post, yeah blog post. Heh.

For what's it is worth, I think I'm done here. And chivalry is/will be dead for good.

No offence to anyone. Any resemblance to anything or anyone is purely coincidental.

Till then!

*stronger not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, etc