Thursday, August 21, 2008

So last Saturday was my dear l3ella's Birthday!

Happy 25th I3ellaLuna ~ (:

Met up with purple the day before to get presents for her. Settled with a classy red box, and some cookies from famous amos inside! (wanted to do some frosting but I was too busy to do so! =X)

busy unpacking and folding the red box (:

Well, the bbq was at eastcoast, and there were alot alOT ALOT of food! I swear purple and I ate like a glutton that day=X

The bee hoon was nice, the chicken wings were nice, the otah was nice, the stingray was nice, the satay was nice, the cake was nice, EVERYTHING THERE WAS NICE lahh! and then I can't imagine how much calories I put on after that. (insert sad emoticon here!)

butbutbut! me and purple decide to do some exercise(: I biked, while purple blade-ed all the way to bedok jetty. the wind was refreshing and cooling. ahhh nice ~~ perhaps the whole biking and rollerblading session burnt down 2 piece of chicken wing, no? L-O-L !

and and, this post will end with a picture I printed for l3ella ~

cute right?

alrightey, bye! (:
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