Friday, October 03, 2008


I guess it's time to really update myself on how I'm doing.

First and foremost! wishing a SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all muslims out there, and forgive me for all the sins that I may intentionally or unintentionally made towards you for the past year, alright?

Anyway, first day of raya was alrighto. Only thing that my feet damn freaaking hurts cos apparently, the heels, YES HEELS, I'm wearing was taking advantage of me. And as a result, 3 huge blisters. For that, I think I'll never going to appreciate the beauty of wearing heels at all. =\

Speaking about  this heels issue, I just don't know why typical women now do wear heels as though they are wearing slippers! -.- And once, I even saw this woman wearing a 4-5 inch heels, RUNNING to catch the bus at a nearby bus stop. HOW CAN THAT BE FREAKING POSSIBLE?! I can't even stand and walk properly on a 3-inch heel, and this woman can run with it! PRO-NESS!

I've been so freaking tired despite having 8 hours of sleep. I have no idea why, but prolly because I sleep too short/long? SHEEEESH! UTs have beeen killing me slowly, slicing every single slice of my time. AND AND, this semester modules are DAMN POWER TO THE MAX, making me squeezing every single brain juice I have left in my brain. PP poster, have yet to start on it, and plus the tons of imcomplete assignments at home which was left untouched for 1 week or so.


I shall just end this post abruptly as I'm not in the mood to carry on.

p/s I think I got food poisoning man, and that spell F-U-C-K! =(
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