Sunday, October 27, 2013

trick or treat?

Happy Halloween! Though I'm not really sure what is / are the exact date(s) for Halloween, but I supposed it's around end October, yes?

Well, I'm not really someone who religiously follow the events of Halloween, but don't you think it is an event  / celebration that caters to everyone? :)

So this year, my partner and I decided to go the Halloween event at Sentosa, since we went for USS Halloween Horrors last year. Frankly speaking, it was a total joke! The ghost actors weren't really acting, and they were not at all scary. I hear less screams, less chasing and less of everything. It was a total disappointment. The haunted trails were also a major FAIL!


Regular priced tickets are sold at $66.60, but thank God we only got it at $30 each from a reseller in a forum.

We alighted at Sentosa Beach station, and was greeted by the Ghost Tram. After a good 5 to 10 minutes, we reached Fort Siloso where the event is held. We were pretty excited (at first) as it's our first time here!

There were five haunted trails altogether, but we only managed to visit 4 out of 5 of them as the waiting time for each trail were too long!

We literally waited 2 hours or so for the Shutter trail, which lasted less than a 5 minute walk in a pretentious dark room. Another hour for the Coming Soon trail, which also lasted less than a 5 minute walk in a room that was supposedly to show us the "raw footage" of how the main character died? The Pee Mak trail was the fastest trail ever! Don't even bother queue for that one, unless you have lots of time. And the Body trail was the best of the 4 we went. It was the longest trail with many different smoke effects & surprises!

Overall, it was an experience that I may not want to look forward to in the future, haha! But nonetheless, it was the company that counts. We had fun laughing and teasing the poor acting skills of the actors though, haha!

Till the next Halloween! Cheers!

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