Monday, May 19, 2008

BACK TO SINGAPORE ~~ because their horns don't work!

Haha, I was at a foreign country these few days, and decided to come back to Singapore. I miss my hometown you know. And as soon I reach Singapore, I bought Hokkien Mee and Rambutans because they help me to live! HAHAHAHA.

Okay, enough crapping. Vesak day was spent "like that lor" And and, I got a video to share, say YAY! Please turn on your volume to enjoy maximum level of cuteness ~

"........better, better, better, better, better, AHHHHHH~!!! laa, laaa laaa. tuu tuuu duu tuuu, tuu tuuu duu tuuu. Hey Jude, tuuu tuu duu tuuu, ahhh~ ..." *bows*

THIS KOREAN KID IS UBER CUTE CAN ! And he is only 5 years old!

Anyway, I seriously need to cut down my expenses! Spending too much on food in school makes me broke! (but how? I will feel sian eating $2 chicken rice in school everyday! hmph) I still got a long long list of stuff to buy and it's not cheap! RAWRRR.

Unfortunately, I failed my first Sociology test. I got 8.5/20? That's very bad =( It's very demoralizing yet motivating to have such a result. Demoralizing because I studied for the test and I failed; Motivating because "failure is the mother of success", and thus making me want to study even harder so that I'll get better results!

I need to love Socio, I need to love the faci, I need to love everything about Socio! Dear God, PLEASE let me love Socio~ =S

Oh ya remember that I told you that I came back to Singapore? It's actually Harurul that went to Singapore to train. Good exp! MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHA~

Okay, last last. Why do cows use the doorbell? (go to the top of this post)

Alright, you can kill me now. *run*
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