Saturday, January 24, 2009

why don't you just myob?!

Really. It just sickens me that even people living in the same roof as me, are acting so petty and judgemental. Seriously, don't make me point out the obvious stages of the current situation. Just put that nosey nose of yours away from mine.

It just shames me that we are living under the same roof - not that I'm proud of the family I'm in, but really, have some sense of at least the basic education that you can have, however low it may be. People do have their own lives to live for instead of having to attend each and every ceremony that you want to conduct however good the intentions may be.


Well, I'm gonna do what I do best - pretend you never did exist. Wait, I always do that don't I? =X


That aside, I tell you, my mind is going berserk at an alarming rate. It's too power-pack lah for such a person of my age and intelligence to handle. LOL. Kidding. It's just stretching me really tightly. And it's truly a miracle that none of my strings have been broken. But, I'm gonna make sure everything will be cleared before the next semester starts. Well, at least I do know how to keep my mind occupied, right redranger? (:

Okay, gotta run soon, hopefully it will clear my mind a little.

ARGH, don't hope nurul! >:(

Oh ya, haven't I told you that this song is freaking damn awesome? And Teddy Geiger is one damn hot rocker! :D

-credits to uploader!

I'm blasting off again ~ HAHA.

Voy a soƱar contigo.
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