Saturday, January 31, 2009

i love you, bff.

Finally, after much waiting, I met the other BFF, Mdm Wong Yahsee yesterday. Yippee! It's been like weeks since I've met her in person. :DD

As per usual, we walked around looking for that pair of shoes I'm supposed to buy for work, chatted about the most mundane things which happens to be so enlightening, seeing how much I've not talked to her in real life. Also, the idea that I might not be soooo free when I've started working, kinda saddens me since I'd not be able to meet her as and when I liked to. But, hey, it's the time that's well spent that matters right?

It was indeed fun to see and talk to her again. From, looking at adorable looking plasters at the Watsons to having Subway cookies, to the breaking of my virginity in manicure, and to me accidentally stepping on her pre-mature healing injury. Oops, I'm totally sorry love, it wasn't intentional! Well, it will recover soon; Hansaplast does help, no? =X

I'm gonna miss her when I start working on the 2nd. But but, I bet she'll have a good time working at some place(I'm sure, you're gonna get one! :D), and maybe next week we can meet up again? And this time, we can bring ANdy along. Been a loooong time since we three hang out together! (:

Okay, the clouds are orange-ey right now, And I'm getting sleepy. Such a nice weather to sleep in till tomorrow and just do nothing but SLEEP! Haha. Okay,  I'm such a sleepaholic! =X

Till then, pictures will be uploaded soon.


"My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep. The more I give thee, the more I have, For both are infinite" -William Shakespeare
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