Friday, March 13, 2009


My Personality
Openness To Experience

"You do not feel nervous in social situations, and have a good impression of what others think of you, however you experience panic, confusion, and helplessness when under pressure or stress. You like to speak out, take charge, and direct the activities of others. You are usually the leader in group activites. Familiar routines are good, but sometimes you like to spice up your life with a bit of adventure or activity. You find helping other people genuinely rewarding and are generally willing to assist those who are in need. You find that doing things for others is a form of self-fulfillment rather than self-sacrifice, however you feel superior to those around you and sometimes tend to be seen as arrogant by other people. You have strong will-power and are able to overcome your reluctance to begin tasks. You are able to stay on track despite distractions."

Wow. I think I see some truth somewhere in there. :D

Though, I still think there are also some false somewhere as well. Oh well. It's a computer generated test, what to expect? Too technical already lah ~


On a side note, it's nearly time to take out the champagne bottle and glasses to hold a toast - marking the last 2 weeks of my internship at SSC. Weeeeee ~ 

After this, there'll be no more worries. No more squeezing the brain for thinking of what to do. No more late nights that would lead to restless sleep which would make one sick. No more worrying about wanting to go out but you can't since you've to go to "much loved" work during office hours. And of course, no more waking up as early at six in the morning just to get ready to go to work. Gosh, being such a sleep-aholic, sleeep is like the best thing on earth! (although it is very counter productive, but who cares!=X)

Haven't been blogging for the past few days due to the work and touch ups for the final report and also, there hasn't been much to blog about. That too, I was sick from the late nights of not sleeping and my lappy has been my closest company for my late nights, doing work of course.

I'm still doing the report as of now, just taking a break just to type whatever comes to mind. Rather than thinking of the correct sentence structure for the report. Feels good to be able to blog about mindless stuff and get my mind off work once in a while. Haha.

Erm, okay, I guess, I better start with the final leap with my report. I've yet to do the executive summary, conclusion and personal reflection mind you. Better get moving. Off I go ~

Till then, take care earthlings (:

Oh, by the way, today's Friday the 13th! Okay, bye(:

I got a lot of things
I have to do;
All this distractions
Our future coming soon

We’re being pulled
A hundred different directions
But whatever happens
I know I got you

You’re on my mind
You’re in my heart
It doesn’t matter where we are
We’ll be alright
Even if we’re miles apart

All I wanna do
Is be with you
Be with you
There’s nothing we can’t do
Just wanna be with you
Only you

No matter where life takes us
Nothing can break us apart
You know it’s true
I just wanna be with you

*credits to all uploaders(:
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