Friday, September 05, 2008

NURUL IS OFFICIALLY BACK TO SCHOOL! 3 full solid days and counting. All I can say is MAN, it was damn exhausting! Nutrition was alright, except for the fact that Sheema's accent was toooooooooooo strong for us to understand. And I swear, she talks superrrrr slowwww, and draggy.

LAW WAS A KILLER MODULE! =X I wonder how lawyers survived studying this, they must be a whole bunch of geniuses! Well, I just hoped that things will be better in the upcoming weeeeeeks. :D

MANAGEMENT WAS ALRIGHT, except Hilario wasnt as hilarious as what I expected. I think he looked like our very own MOE lor. With the same hairstyle, and the same shiny-ness. oops =X  BUTBUT bald men are HOT OKAY! lol

E54N is okay. Classmates are nice, I supposed. YEAH MAN. :D

Alrightey, have a greaaaatttt weekend dudes and dudettes! 
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