Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Today will be the last day of my holidays. It is both sad and happy occasion. Alright,sad because I gotta wake up super early to go to school, and squeeze in the freaking 168 in the early morning. UGHH. And happy because, gonna have new classmates in E54N, with both my two new electives in! YAY-NESS! 

AHH, yes. I'll be schooling for the whole week. No more breaks on wednesday. YAY! I mean at least PP stress is over, I guess there won't be anything much to do. I see no harm in going school an extra day to gain some knowledge, rightttt. I know I am. HAHA.

Alrightey, on the very last note before I turn in (note: now its 2323hours!) I found this :

A great picture mann. All I got to do is FOCUS. Focus on the next semester modules, cos I think I've got great facis to facilitate my class. :D A'ssssss here I come!

BYE earthlings(:
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