Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yayness! Truthfully, I am saying this again, but I don't care, I'll still say it.

YES, I'M SUPER EXCITED TO BLOG, and apparently, I don't know which to start with. -.-

But oh well, I shall start by commenting about ECJW aka EC for short.

A brief introduction of EC, a tall, skinny, fair-skinned guy who is now studying in Temasek Polytechnic Year 1. He was a former Tampines Secondary School Student, class of 2006.

Alright, enough crapping. The purpose of this post is that I want to tell all that, EC is super lame.

Because he talks cock with me. Booooooooooo! Nolah, not only that, I just realised that we both have a lot in common. From aliens to predator, and from lameness to ULTIMATE lameness, from one question, to EYA question, and lastly from the "twitching" eyebrow emoticon, to catching of falling eyebrows. Total coolness! (:

Alright, I think enough of EC lah. Back to my blog. I gave it a total makeover! I changed and edit the blogskin. It was a hell lot of patience needed. I do pity blogskinners, they do have patience don't they. Anyways, I salutes them for understanding the chiminology of HTML codes!


And this post will end with





EC constipated funny face!

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Oh yes, EC is Edmund Chin Jun Wei. LOL (:
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