Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm back, so HIP HIP ... HURRAY ! -.-

And so many things had changed. As I log in into blogger, I realised that the layout has changed! since don't know when. Too long didn't go in blogger, so was ignorant about it. Oops =X

See, nice right? The top bar of the composer has totally changed. Look more professional. Haha, craps.

Anyway, school was alright! EXCEPT for the fact that I've been so unlucky this week. And only God knows why. Eh, no. Not only God, my classmate know it too! Yes, only a classmate, I think =\  It's just that I've been in the same team as the SNORING MAN for two modules. WHAT THE FUCK MAN. Total turn off. I just wished that he could just FUCK OFF and not be in this class.

It's like come on lah, if you don't want people to hate you then you should at least contribute some points, engage in discussions and participate! If you want to play games on your laptop the whole day then WHY THE FUCK YOU COME TO SCHOOL? Go home play lah. FUCKING ASSHOLE. Make me so damn pissed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On another note, I got a free E-voucher from Pizza Hut! Total yay-ness! Anyone want to come eat with me?

I'm turning 18 in a month's time! Weeeee ~~ :D

Okok, I'm not feeling too good now. Been sneezing non-stop lately. AHHH~ stupid flu bug. Andand, WHITE BLOOD CELLS, DO YOUR JOB LAH! Oh, poor me =(

Off to bed.
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