Thursday, June 05, 2008

YES! finally, the new background is up! And I moved the column and banner abit to the right. (for no reason actually). Looks more neater I guess :D

Anywayyy, do you know what day is today? No? >>

YESYES! World Environment day. As you can see, all the mediacorp channels' logos are GREEN in colour! Save the environment, Save the World! Go green yeah! :D

Anyway, do you read about the French Open recently?! No?

HAHA, It's just that NOVAC DJOKOVIC going to the semis! against RAFAEL NADAL (eekkkk, Eeekkk, EEEKKK) World number 3 against world number 2! AHHHH. Well, in case you forgot who, he's the best Tennis Player lahh! No, not NADAL, DJOKOVIC lah! :D:D

Photobucket Photobucket

Now remember him? (Somehow he looks like Peter Petrelli right? =X)

But anyway, this is what he said:

“He's been playing better and better. He’s improved I think the serve a lot this year, on clay especially, and he's going for some shots much more. He combines that with his great physical strength and then patience, and it's impressive on this surface. But I don't want to go out there in semis and just try my best. I don't want to do that. I want to win, and I think I have good quality and good chance. I know, of course, he's a favorite, and all the credit to that. But only with a positive attitude and approach in the match I can get the positive outcome.”

AWWWW, you'll go to the finals man! GOGOGO~ :D

Just a video, that Djokovic can actually beat Nadal. :D

(Please be patient while the video loads!)

On another note, currently hooked to Muttons to Midnight! haha. They had been accompanying me with great songs throughout the night! NICE LAHH :D

And for z, my song never play again ahhh. ANGRY! And I didn't hear yours too =X

Your voice was the soundtrack
of my summer :D

Suddenly that song came to mind;
and it reminds me of you.

You'll always be my thunder.

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