Wednesday, November 26, 2008

*insert whole list of vulgarities here*

It's the epitome of the worst and upmost terrible Wednesday I've had. And that spells F-U-C-K. ahhh, damn it.


sometimes, it pays to have really really grrrrrreeaat friends who takes the initiative to cheer you up, even if they have to travel just to cheer you up in the most simplest ways possible.

As low as I was feeling, you are like my Prince in his black armour to come to save me of what's left of me. I didn't regret taking up your offer at the LAST minute to chill at your house - you still remembered me! You're such a sweetie. It was indeed a fantastic evening, not to mention the MEGA MAC and fries. Yum yum. And not forgetting the company - YOU! You really cheered me up and talking all the funny things, especially the STOMP thingy. :D

Also, a shout out to my mighty redranger! Gosh, I think you're like one of the best listeners I've ever met in my whole entire life. No kidding! If not for you, I would had left long time ago. Plus, I really enjoyed gossiping about Nick's hairstyle, and how hot he is in the MVs! Sooo, thank you very muccchh! :D

I guess that's for tonight. I'm beat but yet, an odd feeling of satisfaction still lingers on. And, I'm still smiling away despite the not-so-good day I had earlier.

Thanks a million purple, l3ella and mighty redranger(:

Till then, bloop away.
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