Saturday, November 01, 2008

Status: Annoyed.
Status: Mad.
Status: Pissed!

Here's a little fact about myself: I don't sleep much nowadays. I stayed up late until the wee hours in the morning. Not because I don't want to, it's only that my body I guess kinda rejects it. So when I actually do sleep; like every other person in this world, I appreciate some peace and quiet.


My dad walks in, to get some needles and thread to sew his pants.
My mom storms in, helping my dad, and made a commotion about it TWICE!
My granny comes in and out (okay, she does that everytime cos she shares the room with me -.-) and keep humming non-stop for no reason!

So finally, I decided that I'm going to hang a big sign on my door that says:

I'm Sleeping, Have some Respect.

But what I really wish I could hang goes something like:

I'm Sleeping, So FUCK OFF!!

Now wouldn't that be fun? But I think if I wrote something like that; my mom would immediately take me to a shrink, saying that I probably have some major unresolved anger issues. (which I don't, but am already showing some I suppose)

Hmm that makes me wonder.. Do I? No, my only problem is that I think and I think and I think and I analyze shit and I really need to take a break from analyzing shit and people.

So as a result to all of the above of course I woke up early this morning, and decided that instead of sitting at home and doing nothing (and by nothing I mean lay down and do nothing of course) that I should go to out and have a jog, and just you know run for the sake of it.

But in the end, I didn't, cos the weather's too good to have such a looooongg nice nap. (after the whole incident was over of course).

p/s: I just realised my post(s) have been dull and wordy lately, but heck! =X
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