Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I was too tired to blog about the ParallaxX outing yesterday and with the headache that I am currently having, I'm gonna do it now.

How do I even go about starting yesterday? It was awesome in soooo many ways! Despite the so called "last minute and unexpected" plan, it was truly enjoyable. :D

I thought I was late due to the interview I had earlier on, but I guess its okay, since eventually, everyone turned up. :D Had dinner over at a not-so-classy restaurant, with all the dishes being laid on the table. Had a lot of laughs from Syth about almost everything. HAHA. But, hell yeah, it was awesome!

Basically, for the whole night, we were in constant chatting, yakking, laughing and talking non-stop. Talking about the most mundane things to serious stuff, but mainly crap lah. Haha, of which, we hadn't been talking lately. I shan't elaborate about the bowling. I'll save that for the next post. There's a lot to talk about that issue. You'll see what I mean, soon. =P

I was so beat when I reached home. But, it was worth it. Every second, minute, hour and those little moments, I enjoyed and loved it. We should do it again alright? No need some fancy restaurant, just good and reasonably priced food and great company. So, anyone planning the next one? I'm so IN! :D

Okay, I'm tired. I think I'm having the flu bug. Darn.

Gonna have an early night today. Gotta pack my suitcase tomorrow for my not-looking-forward overseas trip. Grrrrr.

Till then, goodnight and goodbye.
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