Wednesday, December 31, 2008

thank you 2008.

"Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save" - Will Rogers

My, sometimes, it's a bit over-whelming at how time passes you by so fast. And it amazed me at how much I've grown as a person in a year, both intellectually, mentally and emotionally. How much I've succeeded in my studies in a year. How strong my relationships are with my friends and basically with everyone I know. Before we know it, 2009 will be right around the corner.

2008 has been very memorable. Memories that will stay with me forever. Memories that can't be undone. Memories that will shape my perceptions and expectations of people, things and the environment around me. Laughter I've laughed till I could just die of laughing. Few tears I've shed from disappointments and rejections. Regrets I wished I could take back and do right. The feel of pride that will stay with me forever. The undying need to be better, bigger dreams and to reach them will mould me.

School came in April and as quickly as it came, it ended quickly as well. Relationships were just beginning to unfold to something deeper, and alas, projects were on the way. Endless hours spent at the study room has now become a memory that brings laughter to my eyes and a smile that reminds me of how noisy I was with music blasting from the laptop, food that were smuggled into the room - pizzas, cakes, snacks, chocolates, and endless flow of drinks. How my sheer determination to actually do the project ends in slacking, gossiping on msn, watching movies and blogging. LOL.

Now? It's only a memory that I can look back and wished that I could do it all over again.

2008 gave me friends that I can safely call them my lifelong friends. One who has and will ever be my best friend. One who always will be there for me to lend his listening ear and am on the same wavelength as me. One who has been from afar my best friend, always ready to listen to rant about anything under the sun and who is able to keep my inner most secrets. One who always without a doubt teases me on MSN. These are definitely diamonds in the making. Even thinking about it, makes my heart swell with love and happiness just thinking about the sacrifices they made and everything that they had done for me. (:

Alas, 2008 will be coming to an end. And come the new year which would hold many things, hopes, dreams, all unknown to us, success and failures which would make us a better person, and being the person that we want to be. So, seeing that 2008 will come to an end, I have no regrets, instead I take each and every lesson with me throughout.

I'll miss 2008 and its memories. And now, I hope that 2009 will hold even better promises for me.

Goodbye 2008. You'll be missed dearly. Thank you for the memories.:D
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