Thursday, December 18, 2008

tick tock.

Time sure pass by really fast these days.

Before you know it, its already the 18th of December and tomorrow marks the LAST day of me being in Singapore and then, I'll be overseas for a week. And NO, it will not be a blast. =X

Things have been pretty hectic at home lately, with the washing of my wardrobe, changing of my room's curtains, washing of the laundry and the polishing of furniture. It's really tiring but yet, you don't feel the sweat nor the tiredness in you. Probably due to the fact that it's only done once a in a blue moon and that's because I feel the need to do so. Not exactly my cup of tea in cleaning but yeah, somebody's gotta do it, it's an obligation, especially, when you're a girl.

Okay, updates now. Been too busy to actually sit down and type whatever comes to mind. Haven't been seeing anyone online lately, just the usual suspects. Everyone's busy. So yeah.

Currently, I've been disturbed by the fact that there has been many many sales and I'm not part of it! Also, its like GOOD BUYS! Darn it! Okay, I'll go sooooon. Once the trip is over. YAY in advance!

Darn, Mum's calling me again-.- I guess, that's about my entry now. Kinda abrupt. But, hey, Christmas is coming, so, it's mainly what to wear, who to impress and what to say. So, till tomorrow, I guess, I'll write my LAST entry before the celebrations. Because, I'm foreseeing many many days of not updating.

Till then.
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