Monday, December 15, 2008

little miss fickle!

No amount of words can sum up the happiness bubbling in me. Why, you may ask?

Because I finally, succumb to having a makeover of my room after a long time contemplating as to whether I should or not. Well, after seeing how my brother have been revamping his own room, makes me green with envy. So decided to change it. CHANGES ARE GOOD!

Agreed? Yeah, me too. I can see your heads nodding in unison. =P

It's gonna be quite a refreshing and warm theme, I'd say. Pretty unique in its own way. Though, I'm still in the midst of deciding the colours, the decorations, the patterns, the everything! And yeah I'm still finding for the 'right' decisions. =X

I know, I'm fussy. So they ALL tell me.

HAHA. goooooodnight goooooodmorning people! :D
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