Tuesday, December 09, 2008

'tis the season to be jolly ~

Well well well, it's finally the season that everyone will be jolly about. Either its the process of shopping high-low for the perfect gift for that perfect somebody, finding gifts that would fit well into your tight budget for your friends, wrapping the gifts with colourful wrapping paper that it's almost a sin to have it torn apart, the action of exchanging gifts that would make make someone happy or just making something from scratch and exchange it to someone which of course would be more satisfying.

I haven't buy anything for anyone yet this year, particularly I'm not working and I'm saving for a quite a lot of other important things before I start my next year. So, I decided to get down to basics. Yeah, perhaps, I'm going to give some stuff to my closest friends. So, wait for it yeah! :D

I guess, with the Christmas mood being infected to me, I'm more on a light mood now, rather than yesterday. But I'm still sore from time to time. I've yet to decide. Anyways, I wont be putting any negativity in here. Shall save it for tomorrow.

Gosh, I'm such a pessimist nowadays. It's like I'm overflowing with negativity, finding faults here and there. It's as if nothing is ever right anymore. One has friends but none keep in contact. Contact is being kept to a minimum and occasionally, the usual updates. Meetings are becoming more of a sacred thing, since meeting is like so difficult to make. So, meetings are usually a big thing lah. Something I look forward to.

To make up for that negativity in me, I've settled to be in complete solitude, little contact with people. Already had plans to watch movies alone, cause firstly, there's no one to watch it with; to go shopping alone, cause secondly, there's no one to shop with except me and myself?, and yeah, I guess, that's about it. HAHA.


Hmmmm, so what's on my social calendar?

Next weekend is my cousin's engagement and wedding - something, I'm so dreading to go. Well, the fact that she's young and still have so much potential, just doesn't suit me. But, oh well, what's love right? Christmas would be spent alone I suppose, unless someone is willing to date me out? HAHA. And then, there's next next Monday, I would be going on an overseas trip with Yahsee for shopping! :D Well, that's my social calendar, if you even call that a social calendar.

And, please don't mind me, I'll be most probably blogging frequently now since I've nothing to do. What can I say, a lot of things just happen to be flooding this head of mine. So, even if you don't see me everyday, well, you can roughly know what my thoughts are or how was my day. So, I guess, saves the time of you having to put up with my ever so boring antics on the MSN. Something good I'd say. Saves the trouble. HAHA.

Okay, I guess,this is it. Till then, see ya(:
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