Wednesday, December 24, 2008

hohoho, merry christmas !

Finally, its the season to be jolly and merry. With those turkey and loads of log cakes to eat, it's no wonder everyone's loving Christmas. :D

Well, this year for Christmas, I've decided not to exchange any gifts with anyone, maybe I'll make some exceptions? Haha. Main reason being, I'm not working, and I'm frigging broke. I'm really really on a tight budget. =( But, hey, don't fret if you had bought me something, I mean, it's not really about the gifts and what's inside right? It's the thought that counts! :D

So, much apologies to you kind souls who thought of mean me. But, I'll make it up to you somehow alright? *insert sinister laugh* :D 

Well, its Christmas tomorrow and hopefully, the telly has good shows to air till evening at least, else, I'll be sleeping in my bed as per usual. Oh gosh, I really got to break this sleeping habit of mine!  I know, I'm a known sleep-aholic!=X

random starts.
Sometimes, I will feel lonely. I have no idea why, but it's just like that. Like, when I take a train/bus ride home, sometimes, it kinda dawns on me what I'm lacking. 
Well, I thought I'm more like the girl whom isn't worth a second look. The girl who is more likely seen with a book, or just barely noticing people there. It's kinda nice to have someone to call you up and ask you how's your day or something. Message you sweet messages that you can smile all the way home. Stuff like that, you know.=S
random ends.

Okay, that was pretty random. Must be the season of love and hope yes? HAHA. 

Alrightey, I guess, that's about it. So start singing your Christmas carols, and have a very Merry Christmas! :D
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